Monday, January 14, 2013

Say YES,

to the dress.
Over the weekend I went 
wedding dress shopping
with my niece,
 and her entourage.
 Waiting patiently to see the first dress.
"What about this one"

Don't worry people
none of these are the dress she picked.
 or the head piece for that matter.
The Judges

 A little Mother Daughter talk.
I imagine it went something like this...
"Don't worry honey what ever dress you pick
your going to be the most beautiful bride."
 I think they approve.
and so does she.
After many hours and many dresses it
was time to put on her ruby slippers and
go home......
With the absolute most perfect dress EVER!!!!!


  1. Great pics! I'm sure she'll be a beautiful bride...

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Congratulations to her. That's one thing I missed out on for my small wedding. I bought the dress online, lol.

    Found your blog from Sew Many Ways Friday Linky thingy...

    1. Hi Lisa, and welcome! Yes we did have alot of fun picking out the dress, and I too missed out on the whole "picking out the dress thing" as I borrowed my sisters wedding dress for my ceremony. I was very grateful to get to go with her since I raised two sons and have yet to get a chance to do this.


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