Monday, June 4, 2012

American Pickers

This weekend we took a little trip to Thomson Illinois,
 a small town about 3 hrs West of Chicago.

Told you it was a small town.

Thomson has a beautiful state park
The Thomson Causeway.
It sits right on
  the Mississippi River.

We were there last year and took this picture.

(Still one of my all time favorites.)

any way

After going home last year we realized
we were only about 45 minutes
away from the home of
Mike Wolfe and
Frank Fritz
The Dudes from American Pickers.
So we decided we would go back
and camp again, but this time
we would take a field trip and go see
"Antique Archeology"

Its funny  how things appear so differently 
when you see them in person.

All this building is, is an over sized garage.

Nothing fancy at all.

Some of the stuff is for sale, but not all of it.

Like all this stuff...NOT for sale.

Most of the stuff on these shelves....NOT for sale.

Remember the episode where they found those Laurel and Hardy heads?

That episode was pretty funny,
but of course they are NOT for sale.

I imagine they like to keep a lot of the stuff they make a big
deal of on TV in the shop.
 So that when you walk in
you can say
"Hey I remember the episode when they found that."

Of course Mike, Frankie or Danielle
where not there.

They did however have this girl working there,
she was a fake Danielle.
She had tattoos all over her arms just like Danielle,
even the same hair cut.

We asked where Danielle was and they said
"Oh shes not working today"
Yeah Right......
I know shes only there when they film,
and it wasn't just her day off.
Can't fool me.

Remember this big guy?
(The one in the red jacket.)

How about this motorbike?

See all those T shirts and Coffee Mugs?
Of course they are
in fact that's where they make their money.

I couldn't resist buying one of these bumper stickers.

Junk in The Trunk

Then we got all touristy before we left and had
our pictures taken in front of the car.


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