Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Game On

I hesitated blogging about this,
 because if I turn out to be a loser quitter
(a loser would actually be fine.)
I don't want you guys to know about it.

But yesterday I decided to do the Special K Challenge

I already eat this cereal for breakfast most every morning.
and have always been intrigued by the claim
it makes to drop a jean size in 2 weeks.


I'm game

Breakfast: 3/4 cup of cereal with 2/3 cup milk (really 3/4 cup is a serving?)
Lunch: 1 Special K protein meal bar or Special K protein shake or another serving of cereal and milk
Dinner: Eat your 3rd meal as you normally do. (Seriously? this is always my pig out session, I'm going to have to change this up to a "Sensible Meal", as soon as some one can explain to me what a "Sensible meal" is)
Snacks: Eat 2 Special K snacks through out the day (I can have fruit, vegetables, Special K snack bar, Special K cereal you notice a pattern here?)

Any way I started yesterday....yay me two days down and 12 to go. I figure what the heck even if its only half as good as their claim drop a jean size in 2 weeks. A half of jean size would be fantastic, a little breathing room is always good.

Yesterdays Menu was:
Special K cereal 2% milk
Banana for mid morning snack
Protein bar for lunch (non Special K)
Protein shake for afternoon snack (Slim Fast, I had a bogo coupon)
2 beef tacos for dinner

Today's menu:
Special K cereal 2 % milk
forgot to take my fruit to work
so I had a cup of hot chocolate for my mid morning snack
(OH don't be all judgemental)
Special K protein bar for lunch
Baked Sweet potatoe with a garden salad
for dinner, I could probably have another Snack but instead Im just going to bed.

They say you can have your beverages as normal.
I did switch up the sugar in my coffee for Splenda ugh.

I'll keep you posted


  1. lol....the Special K fruit crisps, Mulit grain crackers, and chips are all delicous I eat them all the time. The chips are my favorite cuz they are extremely low calorie but I still get to eat chips without the guilt! : )

  2. So what your sayin'is....if I eat the Special K crackers and chips I too can have a slim trim body?

  3. :) you already have a slim trim body!


go ahead and just say it


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