Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Enjoy your Day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

For inquiring minds:

It's all fun and games until somebody gets bit.....

This article appeared in the Tinley Park Patch the commentary in red is from yours truly

A Tinley Park couple accused of attacking bar employees and resisting arrest has inadvertently offered what could be the best titles yet for a famed and long-running international comic strip.

Love Is ... tag-teaming a pair of bouncers. one of which was "Drama"

Love Is ... drinking until one of us loses consciousness.

Love Is ... braving the cold arm, hot sting of the law with you nearby.

A bouncer not "Drama" at Durbin's, 17265 S. Oak Park Ave., told police around 2 a.m. on Sunday he was in the middle of breaking up an argument between two men when a woman lashed out. She struck the bouncer in the face with an open hand, causing scratches, police said.

After the bouncer shoved the woman to free himself, her boyfriend punched him in the right eye and mouth, "Aww such chivalry" according to police. The boyfriend then bit a second bouncer "Drama" on the wrist as they wrestled to the ground, police said.

MS Dumb, was charged with battery and resisting a peace officer. Police said she was Tasered in the stomach "Ouch" after she refused to be handcuffed and went willingly at the threat of a second Taser shot. "Ya Think?"

Mr Dumber, was charged with battery. His brother had been involved in the argument and was being escorted out of the building when the fight ensued, police said.

Mr Dumber, was taken to South Suburban Hospital after losing consciousness because of his level of alcohol consumption, police said.

Drama was treated by paramedics (washed his wound out) and followed up with a visit to his personal physician on Monday.

I think I will hang out at Durbins for a while
 and make sure no one
bites "Drama" again!

"ya mess with Drama, ya mess with his Mama"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Murphys Law

It was just one of those weeks.

I start off the week on Monday with plans of going after work to renew my license plate sticker, that a police officer had so kindly told me expired.
Only to find out at the currency exchange that they cant renew my sticker
 do to the fact that I need to have my emissions tested first.

Next stop Verizon.
I have been having issues with Mr Droid for about a week now
 so I decide to stop in to see what is going on.
They ask me to leave him so they could do some "diagnostic"

 Upon my return they immediately tell me
 (in the words of the gentleman behind the counter.)
"hes toast!"

On Tuesday I have to run out
and pickup up a document at the recorders office.
The attorney who had sent me on this errand told me in advance that I would need to pay $1.00 for a copy of the necessary document.
 So off I go.
Upon arriving downtown I park and reach behind me to grab my purse out of the back seat.......oh NO
 its back at the office under my desk.
So I frantically search under the seats between the seats
 and in the console.
 I manage to come up with 88 cents.
 Hoping that it is "close enough" I enter the recorders office.
Tell her the document number and when she goes to print it,
I start in telling her my "funny story"
about forgetting my purse and how I only having 88 cents.
Well it seems she doesn't have a sense of humor
and tells me she cant print it with out $1.00 (really?)
 I keep a smile on my face and continue
 to try to persuade her over to my side,
 I mean, we are only talking 12 cents here.
 But doesn't work.
Desperate not to leave with out the document I continue on
 about how I manage the RE/MAX office in New Lenox
and how anytime she could stop in
and use our fax, copier, email for free.
Heck I will even give her a cup of coffee.
She says no her manager wont allow her to do it.
Just about that time an older woman
 (mid 50's) walks in as I'm babbling and says
 "how much do you need?"
and proceeds to hand me the money.
Bless you dear Woman!

On Wednesday evening my lap top I carry back and forth and use for work
 gets the blue screen of death!

don't let it be true.

My DH takes it to the resident Geek to get it checked and yeah
"its toast"
luckily they were able to pull off my documents and pictures on to a flash drive.
(the good news is I'm now streaming live from my new Sony Vaio)

 Yesterday while I'm out showing houses in the rain/snow
I receive this text message....

"wheres Grandma?"
(yep baby girl had came to visit me)

OK now I'm Mad!
 what more can one person be expected to take?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Motivational Monday

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's A Spring Thing

Kite flying 101
(in your Pj's)

Step one: Throw your kite in the air
and have it catch the breeze


Step two: anchor your fishing pole?
(I'm surprised someone hasn't thought of this before)

Step Three: Run back in and grab your coffee

and your favorite girl

Step Four: Sit back and enjoy!

"wow Grandpa"


Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is in the air!

Finally at last we are promised some warmer weather.

The last few weeks I have been running around
adding some touches of
to my our house.

and while I was gone on my little trip a few weeks ago my dh decided
he too wanted to help bring that spring time feel into the house.

so he planted a vegetable garden in my dining room

wow........ ummm..... Thanks Babe?
(and since these little seedlings can't be planted out doors
 till after the last frost, which in Chicago means the end of May
I get to enjoy them for a good long time.)

I guess we all have our crosses to bear.


Monday, April 4, 2011

MY little DIY

Last summer at a garage sale I picked up these little beauties,
I only wish I had a picture of them with the Peach and Green silk
flowers that were glued on top.
I thought they were cute and I bought em.

My first thought was to repaint them
but I couldn't decide what color.
Then I thought no, I will paper them,
maybe wall wrapping
then I thought the cheapest way to do it
 would be to use 2 sheets of "scrap booking paper"
only .59 cents a piece. Perfect!
They now reside on the soffit in my laundry room.

I also picked up these Iron pieces at a garage sale.
They were "sea foam green".
A few passes with some spray paint and
there they are on the other side of the soffit.

I think my favorite little DIY this weekend was my
inspirational chalk board.


If I was a good little DIY blogger I would of had a before picture.
All I did was go down in the basement (yikes) and
grab an old 1980's oil painting, popped it out of the
frame a few coats of chalkboard paint directly on the canvas
and WA LA !
My plan is to change it up often with inspirational quotes.

One more thing while I'm painting.
I had received this over sized cup and saucer
 with a beautiful plant in it when
we moved in to our new house over 2 years ago.
(thanks Peg)
Well the plant has long since been dead and buried.

SO....I wiped it down with alcohol to clean it and sprayed away

It did take about five coats to cover it or 1/2 can of glossy white
but for about $1.50 in paint I now have this...
be careful do multiple light layers
 of paint or it will run.
(don't be like me)

Yeah you better run little girl
Grandmas got a can of spray paint
and shes not afraid to use it.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grandpa and Me

Sometimes when I'm at Grandma's we get to go to the park. 

But when Grandpa takes me we go in style!

It's way cooler to show up on a
tractor, instead of a stroller like those
other "babies".
Grandpa teaches me all the safety rules.


he says pretty soon I won't need
my hat, coat, hoodie, and mittens,
I sure hope hes right.

If I fall and hurt my knee...
Grandpas there.

Sometimes after dinner Grandpa lets me have a snack,

its O.K.  if  I stick my hand in up to my arm pit
right Grandpa?

I tell ya hes the best



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