Sunday, January 31, 2010

Call Me Crazy....

but I got up nice and early this morning to drive downtown
so I could run go up 80 flights of stairs!
1,643 STEPS

My cute little niece thought it would be fun to put a team together called Stair Vipers......
and raise some money for Childrens Memorial Hospital.
So I agreed to do it.

This was our team.
Two people chickened out called in sick this morning and didn't meet up with us.

They send you off into the sairwell at about 30 second intervals.
They gave us all "Chips" to put on our shoes so we could get accurate times of how long it took each individual to make it to the top.

It took me exactly 21:45 to get to the top....I wasn't the first one from our team up, but I wasn't the last one either. I was the 737th person to finish out of 1915 at least I was in the top 1/2 of all finishers.

Denise was the first one of our team to finish....and "may or may not" be the oldest one!
Just goes to show ya "You can be great at any age"
This Chicago firefighter ran up all 80 flights in full gear...
he told me it weighs approx. 60 pds.YIKES

and this little cutie at 4 yrs old did all 80 flights on her own
while her Daddy carried little sister in a back pack
again YIKES!

My lungs were burning when I got to the top,
its like all the good oxygen had been sucked out of the stairwell before I got there.

But the view from the top was beautiful!

Friday, January 29, 2010


What a crazy Week

The week starts off with a phone call from a local Appraiser.....

"Hi Pam this is Paul Horne can you help me with something?"
hmm Paul it depends lol

Things got better mid week though I did write a contract on a Bank Repo....
but my luck the realtor on the other ends name is
Mike Looney  (Seriously) like its not hard enough to get a deal put together these days.

Then today I'm showing a vacant house and I slip on the Hardwood floor and WACK my head on the corner of the wall....OUCH thank God the buyer and his Dad were in the basement and didn't witness my body flailing all over in  an attempt to keep from hitting the floor. I'm pretty sure they heard me but were to gentlemenly to say anything.

By far the best part of the week was when Neal and Jen came over
and John made home made pizza!
Good Stuff

Then we played some Wii bowling

Thats me with the dark glasses... Pamii
(Is it so terribly wrong to be happy that you beat a little pregnant lady?)

Enjoy your Weekend

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Only 44 days, 16 hrs, 45 minutes but.....
 whos counting?

Baby Girl Patterson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm a survivor.....

Ok I survived the no TV fast! It was not as bad as you would think

Suprisingly I was able to survive not knowing who "The biggest loser was" or who "out played out smarted " the other on the Island. I was even able to get by not knowing the hottest decorating trends.

The hard part was the fact that John was not participating in the fast.....While he was casually laying around watching TV I had to find something else to do...
Now I know how people who are dieting or trying to quit smoking or quit drinking find it so hard to do so if their significant other doesn't want to play participate. Its much more difficult when you have the stuff in the house!

With the TV fast it forced us into separate rooms in the evenings..which you may or not have a problem with.
I think he did enjoy having the remote all to himself.

I on the other hand I had to keep going into the other room if I had some random thoughts words of wisdom I wanted to share with him.

All in all it was a good thing and I will try and be more concious of the time I spend in front of the TV.

1. Are there more TV sets than people in your household?
Check Check Check oops 2 to 1
2. Do you watch 3 or more hours of TV per day on average? Check
3. Do you watch 4 or more hours of TV per day on average?
4. Do you watch 5 or more hours of TV per day on average?
5. Do you frequently think about television shows during the day, when not watching TV? Check
6. Can you turn off the TV in the middle of your favorite program? Maybe
7. Is the focal point of your family room a television set? Check
8. Do you have a TV set in your bedroom? Check
9. Do you eat dinner while watching TV more than once per week? Check
10. Do you spend more time with a television set than with your friends and family? Maybe
11. Can you turn off the TV now, right now, and leave it off for three days? Check
12. Do you ever rush home recklessly just to catch your favorite TV show?
13. Do you need TV to relax or fall asleep after a hard day? Check
14. Do you ever mindlessly surf through channels, looking for something to watch? Check
15. Do you feel anxious, restless, or irritable, if you cannot watch TV?
16. Do you ever leave the TV on longer than you intend to? Check
17. Do you feel you watch too much TV? Check
18. Is it difficult for others to get your attention when you are watching TV?
19. Have you ever tried to quit watching TV, for example the TV Turnoff Week, but could not do it?
20. When snacking in front of the TV, do you have a tendency to eat more than you intended? Check
21. Do you feel that you watch too much TV? Check
22. Have any friends or family members told you that you watch too much TV?
23. Have any friends or family members told you that you watch so much TV that it is interfering with your relationship?
24. Would you have trouble finding things to do, if you suddenly could not watch any TV?
25. Have you ever missed work, school, or an important event, because you were watching TV? Just one time......... but that doesn't count I had to see Oprah's list of favorite things.

ooops I only scored 50%..... yikes maybe I should give it another week?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Numbers Nut

Now I have never been a believer in astrology or ever even followed my horoscope, I know alot of people follow this daily but not me.

I've just always looked at numbers on clocks or such  9:28 "ooh thats my birthday or  6:17  ooh thats my anniversary, something like that.....well this morning while I was reading my daily devotional  the scripture for today was Mark 9:23 If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. ooh thats Stevens birthday and what a perfect scripture for a young man about to graduate from college. (love ya Steve)

As I'm on the treadmill this morning looking at a blank concrete wall my mind begins to wander. ( Thank God for this or else I would go crazy) I wonder what my birthday might be in the Bible I will need to research this.

Then my thoughts go to my Nephew Scott who is in the Navy. I had just recieved an email from his mom saying he was on a ship heading for Haiti he is on the USS BATAAN, this is an amphibious assault ship, which carries marines, (which they picked up Fri from N.C.) It also has a 600 bed hospital, which they are  planning on using to help the sick and injured.

Then my mind starts wondering about Scotts birthdate 12:25  AAHH occurs to me that Scott was has the same birthdate as Christ!! Savior, Healer, Friend
....and Scott is going over to help these  poor people in Haiti (be safe Scott our prayers are with you)

And lets not forget my BFF for the past 35 yrs....Yup her birthdate 12:25 (love ya Suzy)

WOW ...I encourage you all to see what signifigance "your number" has in the Bible.

See what happens when you don't get to watch T.V. your mind really starts to wander!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm fasting...

Its sad but true....

The holidays are officially over... the trees have all come down.

And Steven had to go back to school...... I know he will probably be back home for the weekend but its still an obvious marker that the holidays are over and we all need to get back to our routines.

Well I have been wanting to get quite a few things done in the new year but haven't found the time to get started. So I have decided to go on a T.V. fast YUP thats right No T.V.

I have been trying to decide for the last week if I am strong enough to stick to this should I decide to make the commitment. I read on line the average American spends 19 hrs a week watching T.V. Thats alot of wasted time.

I was  verbalising all of this at the office last week and a young  punk  man said he thought the idea was "gay" and what did I think I could accomplish by doing it..........

AH HA exactly my young friend, what more could I get accomplished every day if I didn't watch T.V.

Think of all the possibilities.....
  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Bake
  • Clean
  • Organize
  • Blog
  • Talk to your spouse
  • Get more rest
You name it the possibilities are endless. So for the next week, I'm going to fast.....NO T.V. the only time I will watch T.V. is when I go to bed for the night (and thats for medicinal reasons) and if you know me well, you know that will be for about a total of 5 minutes a day. I will let you know what I accomplish by giving up the great american past time!

Wish me Luck

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So Little Time.....


Since I haven't done a post since last week you may think not much has been going on.
"Oh  Contrar"


This week I did another full day of Continuing Education (my license is up for renewal I need to get those hrs in.) In Real Estate there are 5 protected classes which we can not discriminate against.



National Orgin

Familial status


In January of 2010 a new one was added: Order of protection this protects victims of crimes who have an order of protection out against a spouse, loved one, family member, friend or neighbor who has beat them up. Apparently people have been discriminating against hiring or renting to these individuals due to the fact that they typically bring along to much baggage/ drama.....who knew there was so much of this going on that they needed to make it license law?

Neal, Jen & baby stopped by for dinner...see how big the baby is getting!

Last night we ended the week by going over to Kays for Bunya Cotta, its a favorite meal of the Pattersons.
I mostly go for the people not the food...even though Peg did make a awesome chocolate cake.

Oh the drama of setting up the perfect pose...

Scott has to go back to work the Navy today, be safe Scott

Now you see why I go for the people ...the kids young adults are always so much fun to be around.

Behind the scenes I have been reevaluating my goals for 2010, Preparing a new Real Estate Blog to launch the first of Feburary, taking down Christmas decorations, and trying to get back in to my exercise routine.

Its a good life!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Sunrise Jan, 1, 2010
Its going to be a great year!

Yah It's cold outside!
These temps have been hangin on the last few days
After taking the sunrise picture I turned around and saw this

did you know that new years eve was special because of the "blue moon" It simply means that each year has twelve full moons that occur on a monthly basis. Each solar calendar year has an excess of approximately eleven days compared to the lunar calendar so that every two or three years, there's an extra full moon. Hence, the Blue Moon.
And that's why people say once in a Blue moon, meaning not to often Who Knew?

Then I looked over and saw this brave man running on the trail behind me.

I used to get up on New years day and take an early I only do it once in a Blue Moon
..but not this blue moon.
Last night was a good night we all got together at a local restaurant/lounge to celebrate the fact that Scott had made it back hope safely to the states once again! And that Stacy had graduated from college, shes now officially a teacher.
I usually only drink in excess once in a Blue Moon because I hate being sick the next morning..yuk
But I think I found the perfect mix...
2 margaritas
1 1/2 pomegranate martinis
2 shots
(hence the freakishly large smile)
I feel fine this morning, or maybe I'm still buzzed from the night before.



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